[Fuego] Wiki docs for 1.3 release

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Tue Mar 27 04:49:53 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

I'm starting to close in on the 1.3 release of Fuego.

I've put together some wiki pages to track this release.  Please see the
links here for details:
in the Release 1.3 section.

There is a page for
1) To Do items (major things to finish for this release)
2) Notes (this will become the release notes for the 1.3 release)
3) a testing page.  The data on this page is currently partially bogus, but I'll put testing data (from my lab) for the 1.3 release here shortly.

Please take a look if you're interested in the 1.3 release.

Below is the content of the "To Do" page.  Let me know if you think items should be added or removed from this list.

 -- Tim Bird

= priorities for 1.3 release =
== Free form list of items to do:
 - Features:
   - resolve toolchain upgrade (switch from emdebian to debian cross toolchains)
     - make sure all tests build (that used to build)
   - add testcase documentation
     - for tests that fail in my lab (up to 10 tests)
     - process rst into html for testcases, and have it appear in Jenkins interface
   - (done) support gen_report for txt, html, excel, rst, cvs
   - (done) allow selecting fields for gen_report
   - support board reboot (via BOARD_CONTROL)
     - (done) support ttc DUT control software
     - support lava, labgrid, r4d, or boruta (Pawel's) DUT control software?
   - support board provisioning (via BOARD_CONTROL)
     - LTS provisioning support
   - parse LTP error descriptions 
   - support fuego release self-test (probably defer to 1.4)
   - (done) support invoking individual test phases on ftc command line
   - move fuego-core dir inside fuego
   - add checkbox and replot to flot plots? (maybe not)
   - change default port for Jenkins from 8080 to 8090
 - Tests:
   - add backfire kernel module build
   - add testplan_lts
 - Bugs:
    - remove or convert all chart_configs to proper files
    - resolve items from release testing:
      - See [[Release 1.3 testing - 2018-03-26]]
    - (done) recover from board hangup during a test (LTP.syscall.inotify06)
    - fix Jenkins missing build descriptions
 - Documentation:
   - convert documentation to reStructureText
     - create new user guide
     - convert wiki architecture guide
     - convert wiki developer reference materials
   - document ov_board_control_reboot
 - General:
   - review items on [[CodeFixthisList]]
   - follow release check list on [[Fuego_release_process]]
   - make a list of release features [[Release 1.3 Notes]]

= List of things done for this release =
 - added support for additional output formats for 'ftc gen-report'
 - added testcase detail links
 - added fuego.conf
 - switched from emdebian to debian cross toolchains

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