[Fuego] A reminder of a Fuego&LAVA patch

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Wed Nov 14 04:29:18 UTC 2018

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> From: Li, Xiaoming 
> Hi Tim,
> This mail is about a forgotten patch(or maybe already in your TBD). 
I indeed have a queue of (almost-forgotten) patches, but it's perfectly
fine to ping me on the ones that I haven't responded to, that are most
important to you.

For some reason, this one was not in my "pending" queue in my Sony
mailbox, but I was able to review it using the link below, and in my 
gmail account.  (It's handy to have multiple subscriptions to the list
for just such occasions.)  :-) 
> This patch will enable Fuego to run a LAVA job like a common Fuego test
> suite.
> Patch link is below:
> https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/fuego/2018-
> September/002422.html
I just sent you a response privately (I meant to reply-all, but messed up
because I don't use my gmail account that often).  But the gist of things
is that I can probably take this patch with one important revision, having
to do with avoiding calling test_pre_check twice in the non-LAVA case.

> I didn't mean to push you to review it immediately or break your schedule,it's
> just a reminder.

It's good to get a reminder.  I feel bad that I'm so backlogged on my patches.
Unfortunately, I'll be starting a lot of business travel shortly, and it's hard
to work on patches on the road, so I don't see much improvement in my review
response time coming  in the next little while.

 -- Tim

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