[Fuego] Question about Fuego release

Li, Xiaoming lixm.fnst at cn.fujitsu.com
Wed Nov 28 05:30:20 UTC 2018

Hi Tim,

I have two things to request for your opinion.

1)I found there are some optimistion in Fuego framework these months.

My colleagues are discussing whether the changes have some impact on our test suite investigate work.

And do you have a schedule of a new release of Fuego?  Then we can update Fuego completely inside our lab,instead of cherry-pick from upstream one by one.

2)Have not seen you in the AGL CIAT biweekly meeting for a long time.

FNST,as a main contributor of Fuego, do we need(should) report the Fuego status or other Fuego related issues in the meeting?

Best Regards
Li Xiaoming

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