[Fuego] Question about Fuego release

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Wed Nov 28 11:23:19 UTC 2018

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> From: Li, Xiaoming on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 9:30 PM
> Hi Tim,
> I have two things to request for your opinion.
> 1)I found there are some optimistion in Fuego framework these months.

Sounds good.

> My colleagues are discussing whether the changes have some impact on our
> test suite investigate work.
I'm not sure what this means.
> And do you have a schedule of a new release of Fuego?  Then we can update
> Fuego completely inside our lab,instead of cherry-pick from upstream one
> by one.

I had hoped to have a new release well before now.  My original goal was to 
get 1.4 out before ELC Europe (at the end of October).  However, numerous
issues and traveling interfered with this.  I don't have a good idea when the
1.4 release will be ready.  Code-wise, I think the code base is in good shape,
but I continue to find small bugs in my release regression testing.  I am on a trip
through 12/7 (and quite busy with other issues).  My new goal for the 1.4
release would be no later than 2 weeks after my trip ends (about Dec. 21).

Let me know if this schedule will be a problem for you.
The 1.4 release has gone on way too long, and I would like to wrap it up.
That means I won't have time to review the pending patches (which I believe
there are about 60 of), for this release.  Luckily, patches that introduce new
tests are independent of each other, and mostly independent of the Fuego
core, so these can be applied shortly after the 1.4 release.

> 2)Have not seen you in the AGL CIAT biweekly meeting for a long time. 
> FNST,as a main contributor of Fuego, do we need(should) report the Fuego
> status or other Fuego related issues in the meeting?
I should resume joining that meeting.  I don't recall the reason I stopped
joining it - I believe there were a string of meetings that I couldn't make it to,
and I just got out of the habit.  I am sorry about that.

Please let me  know the schedule for upcoming meetings, and I'll try to join
the next CIAT/Fuego one that is scheduled.
 -- Tim

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