[Fuego] How to add a Power-Controller and Console Server to FUEGO?

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Wed Jun 26 01:16:32 UTC 2019

Sorry for the slow response.  I was on vacation last week.

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> From: Heinrich.Toews at wago.com
> Hey altogether,
> at our company we are willing to use FUEGO for our Linux Kernel Testing.
> We already have installed Racks ready with our own MODBUS TCP/UDP
> power-controllers and console servers interfacing with TELNET/SSH.
> What would be the best practice to add such support to the FUEGO code?
> Is there something ready that we could just reuse?

When you say "add such support" to the Fuego code, are you
referring to just the interfaces to the board management hardware
(your power controllers and console servers)?  Or are you referring
to your actual hardware under test?

I think Daniel already stated that Fuego usually talks to the hardware under
test using network protocols (ssh and scp), but that other transport
mechanisms are available, or can be written quickly.

And I think that you mentioned in this thread that you could probably
write a driver for PDUdaemon for your power controller relatively

Are the console servers used for board control (ie, are they used
during the software re-installation process?), or just for monitoring
outputs from the board serial console during a test?

The reason I ask is that these are two separate areas in Fuego.
Fuego currently doesn't have much integrated support for board
provisioning (the process of getting new software-under-test on
a board).  This is why Daniel recommended you look at LAVA, which 
does have a lot of board provisioning support.
Note that board provisioning  may end up being a focus for Fuego's
next release (which I hope to start soon).

If the console servers are used for monitoring kernel/board output
during a test, that would go through a different Fuego sub-system.
There has been some work in the 1.5 release to add support for
multiple monitored output streams from the target, but this has
not been released yet.  However, if it would solve problems for you,
it might become a focus to finish this work up.

 -- Tim

> Thanks!
> Heinrich Toews
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