[Fuego] Regarding: batch_smoketest issue

Bird, Tim Tim.Bird at sony.com
Wed Sep 30 17:20:07 UTC 2020


Thanks very much for this bug report.

In the future, please send bug reports and descriptions of project progress
to the Fuegotest mailing list, as well as me.
Please make sure you are subscribed to the list.

I have added fuego at lists.linuxfoundation.org as a CC: in this reply.

See comments on the bug and fix below.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Unnati Somvanshi
>  We have configured our fuego client to successfully work with fserver
> @ birdcloud.org <http://birdcloud.org/> .
> The "Functional.batch_smoketest " is failing as shown below
> batch_id=st-51
> Running test Benchmark.Dhrystone
> Running test 'Benchmark.Dhrystone' on board 'rpi' using spec 'default'
> /fuego-core/scripts/common.sh: line 288: /tmp/special_data.joBaSM: Permission denied
> Log dir: logs/Benchmark.Dhrystone/rpi...
> Job page: http://localhost:8090/fuegojob/rpi..Benchmark.Dhrystone//
> [[st-51]] not ok 1 - Benchmark.Dhrystone

I was able to successfully reproduce this bug in my lab.  I think it affects any
run of "ftc run-test" from the command line inside the container, as root, and not
just the poll_requests.sh case.  So this is a nice catch!

The basic problem is that the batch test is executed as 'root', and the FUEGO_SPECIAL_DATA_FILE
is created with that file owner.  But the sub-test is executed as 'jenkins', and can't access it.

I made a fix for the problem, by changing the owner of the file, and I tested it, committed it,
and pushed it to the fuego-core master repository on bitbucket.  Please see:

Can you please test this change, by updating your fuego-core?   Please let me know the results.
I'll submit another test job for the board in your lab.  If your poll_requests.sh is running, it will
just fail again until you do the update, but I'll find that out quickly. :-)

 -- Tim

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