[Fuego] Write up on adding a minnow board

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Wed Jan 6 23:46:31 UTC 2021

This is great stuff.  I have a couple of questions and items of feedback

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> From: Pooja Sanjay More <pooja.sm at pathpartnertech.com>
> Hi,
> We have followed below steps to add a minnow board:
> 1)Board bring up
>      -Added a jenkins job to build an image using yocto project.
>      -For this, Python 3.5 or greater version is required.

Did you have to add anything to the Docker container for this?
I don't see anything in the instructions about this.

> 2) Automate the hard reboot
>      -Minnow board is connected to a usb relay.
>      -Hard reboot is done by jenkins job.

Is there a standalone script to perform the reboot, like with the rpi board?

> 3)Adding a board
>      -minnow.board file is added.
> 4) Adding a toolchain
>       -sdk toolchain has been installed inside a container.
>       -To access the toolchain ".toolchain" is added.

This command in the instructions seems to be missing a destination directory (of /tmp)

sudo docker cp

>  Attached writeup explains steps to build an image for the minnow board using the yocto project. It briefly explains steps to add the SDK
> toolchain for minnow board.

This is a very nice reference for setting up a board for Fuego, using Yocto Project (building the image,
creating the SDK, and populating all the related Fuego stuff).

Thanks.  This would make a nice tutorial for the rst docs... :-)

 -- Tim

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