[Fuego] Test not getting updated in pptlab

Pooja Sanjay More pooja.sm at pathpartnertech.com
Fri Jan 22 07:07:04 UTC 2021

Hi Tim,

poll_request.sh was running with -u option only.
Few tests that you put executed successfully.
One test failed because of permission.
I have changed the ownership of /fuego-rw/buildzone from
root to jenkins.

We have kept ttc.conf under /fuego-ro/conf/ folder inside old container
just to get Functional.reboot working first then will move the same
 to a more generic folder /usr/test inside the new container(built already
with /usr/test volume mounted, need to configure for jenkins job).
I did a git pull and tried the Functional.reboot test multiple times,
it's working fine.

Logs for the same :

Running as SYSTEM
Building on master in workspace
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins6221678271780851761.sh
+ /fuego-core/scripts/poll_requests.sh -u -d 12h -w 120
== Polling server "fuegotest.org/cgi-bin" for requests ==
Processing requests for any board
Installing new tests or upgrading tests is allowed.
Waiting 120 seconds between polls of the server.
Running for 12h
Type Ctrl-C to exit
Running request: request-2021-01-22_06:42:55.57-pptlab:rpi

Trying to get request 'request-2021-01-22_06:42:55.57-pptlab:rpi' from server
Checking for (possibly newer) test Functional.reboot on server.
Executing test Functional.reboot on board rpi (using spec default)
Running test 'Functional.reboot' on board 'rpi' using spec 'default'
===== doing fuego phase: pre_test =====

===== doing fuego phase: build =====
The test is already built
Fuego test_build duration=0 seconds
===== doing fuego phase: deploy =====
===== doing fuego phase: snapshot =====
Firmware revision: 5.4.83-v7-77+

===== doing fuego phase: run =====
TAP version 13
Calling target_reboot for board rpi...

Connection to closed by remote host.

# uptime of board=37 (seconds)
# duration of reboot=44 (seconds)
ok 1 - software reboot with target_reboot
ok 2 - board has BOARD_CONTROL setting
Calling ov_board_control_reboot for board rpi...

comunicating with relay board

Serial<id=0x7f6d516eb210, open=True>(port='/dev/ttyUSB0',
baudrate=9600, bytesize=8, parity='N', stopbits=1, timeout=3.0,
xonxoff=False, rtscts=False, dsrdtr=False)
Checking for ping..

('Data read is :', 'R')

<function ping at 0x7f6d517012a8>
Sleeping for 3 secs
Resetting the RPI board


usb device turned OFF successfully

Sleeping for 2 secs


usb device turned ON successfully

Closing Serial Port

# uptime of board=56 (seconds)
# duration of reboot=67 (seconds)
ok 3 - hardware reboot with ov_board_control_reboot
===== doing fuego phase: post_test =====
scp: /home/pi/test/fuego.Functional.reboot/Functional.reboot.log: No
such file or directory
INFO: the test did not produce a test log on the target


scp: /tmp/fuego.Functional.reboot/rpi.10.10.before: No such file or directory
Warning: no matching Jenkins job found. Not populating Jenkins build directory
Packaging run 'Functional.reboot-default-10-rpi'
Run packaged successfully, and is at:
Run package run-Functional.reboot-default-10-on-pptlab:rpi.frp was
accepted by the server.
Run Functional.reboot-default-10-rpi put to server

Please put requests now.

Thanks and regards,

Pooja More

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 6:08 AM <Tim.Bird at sony.com> wrote:

> Pooja,
> Can you please double-check that the poll_request.sh script is getting run
> with the '-u' option?
> I have tried updating the Functional.fuego_lab_check test (by putting a
> new one on fuegotest.org)
> and running an updated one, and trying to force an upgrade in your lab by
> submitting a request
> with version="latest".  However, the request ends up running an old broken
> version of
> Functional.fuego_lab_check.  So something is going wrong.
> Can you also please do a 'git pull' of fuego-core?  That will at least
> upgrade the 'fuego_lab_check'
> test to the current version (which has some important fixes).  Once that
> test can be upgraded
> remotely, it will give me data I can use to diagnose problems in your lab
> remotely (like
> check directory permissions inside the container)
> Thanks,
>  -- Tim


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