[PATCH v3 01/25] dma-mapping: add generic helpers for mapping sgtable objects

Christoph Hellwig hch at lst.de
Tue May 5 10:22:34 UTC 2020

> +static inline int dma_map_sgtable_attrs(struct device *dev,
> +	struct sg_table *sgt, enum dma_data_direction dir, unsigned long attrs)

Two tab indents for parameter continuation, please.

Can we also skip the separate _attrs version?  The existing ones have the
separate _attrs variant as there were pre-existing versions without the
attrs argument and lots of users, but that doesn't really apply here as
an extra 0 argument isn't really an issue.

> +static inline size_t iommu_map_sgtable(struct iommu_domain *domain,
> +			unsigned long iova, struct sg_table *sgt, int prot)
> +{
> +	return iommu_map_sg(domain, iova, sgt->sgl, sgt->orig_nents, prot);
> +}

Should this be a separate patch due to the different subsystems?

FYI, I'll happily pick up the prep patches in an immutable branch of
the dma-mapping tree one we have settled on the details.

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