[Ksummit-discuss] Wireless Networking Workshop

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Fri Jun 6 19:55:11 UTC 2014

I would like to propose a wireless networking workshop as part of
the Kernel Summit events in Chicago.  We have a wireless networking
miniconf scheduled for LPC.  I see the event I am proposing now as
being more kernel-focused to deal with deeper development issues.

Some potential topics:

	-- framework for handling firmware dumps and debugging

	-- an nl80211 vendor command retrospective

	-- new/rising technologies (WFDS, HotSpot 2.0, etc)

	-- wireless regulatory code (who understands it?)

	-- ??

There were a number of wireless kernel developers on the
auto-nomination list.  Hopefully some of those are already invited
to KS or are planning to attend LCNA?

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