[Ksummit-discuss] [CORE TOPIC] [TECH TOPIC] live kernel patching

Jiri Kosina jkosina at suse.cz
Fri May 2 19:42:20 UTC 2014

Runtime/live kernel patching is becoming a topic these days. There are 
several parallel implementations currently evolving in parallel (kpatch, 
kgraft, criu-based solution, ksplice to some extent), all of them having 
their pros and cons. 

It's clear that what is going to get merged at the end of the day would 
have to be some super-position of the currently existing solutions. 

Finding a reasonable compromise might be challenging. Having discussion 
between the groups working on those solutions (tech topic) and with 
"general maintainer audience" to face the flame^W^W^Wobtain feedback 
(core topic) would be very valuable step in converging to unified 

Suggested participants: see the list of "competing" projects above

Jiri Kosina

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