[Ksummit-discuss] "Maintainer summit" invitation discussion

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Thu Apr 20 05:44:14 UTC 2017

> I'd definitely like to see an "issues that affect casual/occasional
> contributors" discussion; it wouldn't really fit the maintainer summit,
> but I like James' suggestion of doing it as part of the attached
> LinuxCon.

I would be happy to help with the organization of such a thing.


> In terms of framing, though, I'd suggest keeping it focused on "what
> issues have you personally encountered or directly observed", rather
> than "what random process ideas do you have".  The latter would go
> downhill very quickly; the former seems much more likely to produce
> productive feedback on real problems.  (It's less important that they
> come with potential solutions than that the relevant problems get
> recorded for subsequent consideration.)
> Will the maintainer summit occur *after* the overlapped conference, or
> *before*?  If after, then it'd be plausible to have a "let's talk about
> what we heard" session in the maintainer summit.
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