[Ksummit-discuss] "Maintainer summit" invitation discussion

Dan Carpenter dan.carpenter at oracle.com
Wed Apr 26 08:42:53 UTC 2017

On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 09:02:12AM -0700, Bart Van Assche wrote:
> We all know that the stability and the long-term success of the Linux
> kernel strongly depend on how well kernel maintainers do their job. What
> I noticed myself is that for some subsystems I contribute to (e.g.
> block, SCSI and RDMA) maintainers provide feedback about patches within
> a very reasonable time. For two other subsystems I contribute to it can
> take weeks or months before adequate feedback is provided. Sorry but I
> don't think that it is acceptable that it takes that long before
> feedback is provided and hence that this is a topic that deserves to be
> discussed during the maintainer summit.

It's Ok to wait weeks.  Months is not OK.

If maintainers are not reading their email then you can try forwarding
the patches through Andrew.

I feel like I haven't had such a huge problem with this recently...  Are
we talking about other arches besides x86 and ARM?  My patches are
normally simple is probably part of the difference.

dan carpenter

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