[Ksummit-discuss] Reminder v2: Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board Elections -- Call for nominations

Frank Rowand frowand.list at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 05:21:04 UTC 2017

On 10/22/17 10:15, Chris Mason wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Quick update on the TAB elections, we have 6 nominations so far:
> Jon Corbet
> Greg Kroah-Hartman
> Shuah Khan
> Steve Rostedt
> Ted Tso
> Tim Bird
> The elections are coming soon, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the TAB.
> -----------------
> The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB) serves as the
> interface between the kernel development community and the Foundation.
> The TAB advises the Foundation on kernel-related matters, helps member
> companies learn to work with the community, and works to resolve
> community-related problems before they get out of hand.  The board has
> ten members, one of whom sits on the LF board of directors.  The election to select five TAB members will be held at the 2017 Kernel
> Summit in Prague, Czech Republic.  The elections will take place at the
> conference center on Wednesday Oct 25th, shortly before the evening
> reception.
> The election will be open to all attendees of all of the Linux
> Foundation events taking place that week in Prague.  Anyone is eligible
> to stand for election, simply send your nomination to:
> tech-board-discuss at lists.linux-foundation.org
> Just before the election, everyone will have a chance to introduce
> themselves and briefly talk about why they would like to participate on
> the Technical Advisory Board.  This year, we're encouraging everyone to
> include those details along with their nomination, which we will compile
> into an online document for quick reference here:
> https://goo.gl/ADVFtT
> The deadline for receiving nominations is up until the beginning of the
> election event.  Any statements for the online document need to be sent
> by Monday Oct 23rd.  Please get your nomination in early so everyone has
> a chance to review the nominations before voting.
> Chris Mason, TAB Chair
> [1] TAB members sit for a term of two years, and half of the board is up
> for election every year. Five of the seats are up for election now.  The
> other five are halfway through their term and will be up for election
> next year.

Hi Chris,

Could you please list the current membership of the TAB, and which members'
terms are expiring?


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