[Ksummit-discuss] Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board election results 2017

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at ideasonboard.com
Wed Oct 25 22:14:21 UTC 2017


On Wednesday, 25 October 2017 19:47:10 EEST H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> The TAB elections are now complete. Thank you to all the candidates for
> putting their names forward.
> With 73 ballots cast, the top 5 candidates received:
> Steve Rostedt		58
> Jonathan Corbet		57
> Greg Kroah-Hartman	57
> Tim Bird		39
> Ted Ts'o		37
> It was a very close election, with the next candidate on the list
> receiving 36 votes.

Do we have a procedure in place in case the tie that we only avoided by one 
vote would have happened ?

> Full results are available on request.
> This year the ballot counting was done automatically, with visual review
> of the scanned ballots v. the automatic results done by myself and Chris
> Mason.
> A big thank you to all the candidates, to everyone that voted, and
> congratulations to the top candidates.
> 	-hpa
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> For the curious, technical details:
> The ballots were produced and counted by SDAPS, an open-source project
> (http://www.sdaps.org/).  A set of custom scripts were used to simplify
> the generation and counting of ballots specifically for the purpose of
> these elections; those scripts are available at:
> 	http://git.zytor.com/users/hpa/ballot.git
> Eventually I hope to clean up these scripts, generalize them for other
> voting methods, document them a little better, and formally release them
> as an election package, but for now they are relatively specific to the
> approval voting.
> SDAPS is a bit difficult to build, due to a very large number of
> dependencies, some of which aren't well documented.  It would be a very
> nice thing if distros would consider packaging it, especially since it
> is a very useful package.


Laurent Pinchart

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