[Ksummit-discuss] Notes & Slides from Devicetree Workshop at Kernel Summit Prague (26 Oct 2017)

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Mon Oct 30 16:01:07 UTC 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the Devicetree Workshop as part of
the 2017 Kernel Summit in Prague last week. I heard lots of good
feedback, and I'm already thinking about how to organize next year's

Slides and notes have been uploaded to elinux.org. A summary of the
topics and next steps still needs to be written. You can find the
notes and slides here:


I also have an audio recording of the entire day, but they are large
audio files (100-200MB each) and I haven't decided how to publish them

Particular thanks to everyone who helped take notes (Sadly, I didn't
grab the list of names before they disappeared from Etherpad, so the
only person I can thank by name is Julia Lawall who emailed me notes
separately). Also thanks to Sean Hudson for taking care of sound and
to Frank Roland for running microphones around the room. Finally, a
big thank you to the Linux Foundation staff who sorted out all of the
hotel logistics for us.

Please look at the notes to check for accuracy, and I would appreciate
any volunteers to help write up the summary for the day.

I'll post the group photo as soon as I receive it.


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