[Ksummit-discuss] Maintainer's Summit 2017 Feedback Thread

Bart Van Assche Bart.VanAssche at wdc.com
Mon Oct 30 16:29:14 UTC 2017

On Sun, 2017-10-29 at 06:08 -0400, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> Please reply to this thread if you have any comments about how we can
> organize the Maintainer's Summit for next year.  Given that Linus
> seemed fairly happy with how things went, it's likely we will stick
> with the same format for next year, but if there are any details about
> how we could do things better, I'd greatly appreciate them.

Hello Ted,

Something that surprised me is although I'm reading Linus' replies to pull
requests that appear on the LKML mailing list that during the maintainer
summit I learned more about what Linus expects from maintainers than by
reading Linus' e-mails. I think this shows that reading Linus' e-mails is
not enough to learn what Linus expects from maintainers. This made me wonder
how maintainers are informed about what is expected from them, especially
new maintainers? Do we perhaps need a document in the kernel tree that
explains what is expected from maintainers?



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