[Ksummit-discuss] CHANGE OF PLAN: Maintainer Summit will be in Edinburgh

Theodore Y. Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Thu Sep 6 18:50:43 UTC 2018

Last Friday (just before Labor Day) I learned that Linus had gotten
confused about when and where the Maintainer's Summit was going to be
held this year.  And most unfortunately, he has already scheduled a
family vacation overlapping with the week of the Maintainer's Summit.

Over the weekend, I've been conferring with folks from the Linux
Foundation, Linus, and the Maintainer's / Kernel Summit program
committee.  We explored a lot of options, but ultimately there were
only two choices that were workable:

1)  Have the Maintainer's Summit in Vancouver, without Linus.

2)  Move the Maintainer's Summit to Edinburgh, with Linus.

Curiously enough, Linus suggested option #1.  And while holding the
Maintainer's Summit without Linus might be an interesting experiment,
ultimately, the Program Committee had a strong consensus that moving
it Summit to Edinburgh was the better option.

This means that the Maintainer's Summit will take place in Edinburgh,
on Monday afternoon, October 22nd.  As a reminder, the Maintainer's
Summit is an invite-only workshop, with ~30 people attending.  The
focus of the Maintainer's Summit is process and development issues,
*not* technical issues.

The Kernel Summit track will still be held in Vancouver alongside
Plumber's.  Technical discussions will take place there; we simply
won't have the time, or necessarily, the right people, to have
technical discussions at the Maintainer's Summit.

This means that people who get an invite to the Maintainer's Summit
may have an extra trip this year (some may have been planning to
attend OSS EU anyway).  For those for which this will be an extra
trip, I apologize in advance.  Maintainer's Summit invitees will still
receive a free (non-transferrable) registration to the Linux Plumber's

This also means that the process by which we issue invites to the
Maintainer's Summit is going to have been significantly accelerated.
So if you have any ideas for the Maintainer's Summit Topics, please
chime in soon!

					- Ted

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