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In this month's Linux Foundation newsletter:

* The Linux Foundation's Annual 'Who Writes Linux' Study Released
* The Linux Foundation Announces Individual Membership Drive
* All Major Linux Distributions Certified with Linux Standard Base
4.0; LSB 4.1 Beta Available Now
* Huawei Joins Linux Foundation
* Individual Membership Profile Series: The People Who Support Linux
* The Linux Foundation in the News
* Upcoming Training Opportunities & Exclusive Discount

==> The Linux Foundation's Annual 'Who Writes Linux' Study Released <==

The Linux Foundation this month published its annual report on Linux
kernel development, detailing who does the work, who sponsors it and
how fast the Linux kernel is growing.

As Amanda McPherson points out in her blog, the paper documents how
hard at work the Linux community has been. There have been 1.5 million
lines of code added to the kernel since the 2009 update. Since that
last paper, additions and changes translate to an amazing 9,058 lines
added, 4,495 lines removed, and 1,978 lines changed every day, ­
weekends and holidays included.

Perhaps most significant this year are the increasing contributions by
companies and developers working for mobile and embedded computing
companies. For more information on the study, please visit Amanda
McPherson's blog:

==> The Linux Foundation Announces Individual Membership Drive <==

The Linux Foundation is hosting an new individual membership drive and
promotion that makes members eligible to win free Linux.com Store
T-shirts, hats, mugs and more.

New members who sign up for individual membership at
http://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/join between now and December 20,
2010 will be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of five
US$50 gift cards to the Linux.com Store. These prizes will be
available just in time for the holidays. Existing members and
non-members can also be entered into the drawing by mailing their name
and email address to The Linux Foundation headquarters. The address
and official rules for the drawing are available at The Linux
Foundation website:

Individual members of The Linux Foundation help advance the Linux
operating system and support the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds.
They also receive exclusive benefits that include a Linux.com email
address and employee purchase pricing from Dell, HP and Lenovo; and
much more. The Linux.com Store includes exclusive merchandise and
original T-shirts, hats, mugs and other items that reflect “geek
culture.” The merchandise available in the Linux.com Store is designed
to reflect the unique and varied culture associated with Linux: geek
pride, freedom, fun, eccentricity, and originality.

==> All Major Linux Distributions Certified with Linux Standard Base
4.0; LSB 4.1 Beta Available Now <==

The Linux Foundation has announced leading commercial Linux
companies are certified to Linux Standard Base 4.0 (LSB 4.0),
including Canonical, Kylin, Linpus, Mandriva, Neoshine, Novell,
Oracle, Red Flag and Red Hat. The organization also released a beta of
the LSB 4.1 and is soliciting feedback from the public. The official
release of LSB 4.1 is expected in January. For more details, please
visit: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/lsb

The LSB delivers interoperability between applications and the Linux
operating system, allowing application developers to target multiple
versions of Linux with just one software package. It also allows Linux
vendors to demonstrate to their customers that they meet a common set
of industry standards and that they work together as an industry on
advancing Linux.

==> Huawei Joins The Linux Foundation <==

China-based Huawei has joined The Linux Foundation. Huawei is
recognized for being one of the world's most innovative companies and
provides next-generation telecommunications network solutions for
operators around the globe. The company is using Linux to develop
network equipment and devices and sees its Linux Foundation membership
as an opportunity to collaborate with a worldwide network of
developers, users and vendors to advance that work.

For more information, please visit:

==> Individual Membership Profile Series: The People Who Support Linux <==

The Linux Foundation's individual members help to support the work of
Linux creator Linus Torvalds and other important activities that
advance Linux, while getting a variety of other fun and valuable
benefits. It is this collective support from thousands of corporate
and individual members that enables The Linux Foundation to provide
important services for industry and community. The latest in our
Linux.com series that profiles these individuals and begins to
collectively illustrate a very important part of the Linux community
is available now.

Late IT Bloomer Falls Hard for the OS:

==> The Linux Foundation in the News <==

Wireless Firms Playing Bigger Role in Linux

Linux Foundation Getting Much More Embedded
Embedded Computing Design

Linux, Open Source and Ubuntu: Red Hat, Novell, IBM Among Top
Contributors to Linux Development

Who Builds Linux? These Days, More and More Mobile Devs

Linux for the Holidays

Linux Foundation Intros LSB 4.1 Beta

==> Upcoming Training Opportunities from The Linux Foundation <==

Developing Linux Device Drivers
January 10-14, 2011

Embedded Linux Development
January 17-21, 2011
Santa Clara, CA

Developing Apps for Linux
January 24-28, 2011

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