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In this month's Linux Foundation newsletter:

* The Linux Foundation Announces LinuxCon Japan Keynotes, Tsunami
Relief Support for Japan
* 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt, Video Contest Deadlines Approaching
* New Compliance Webinar Available: Six Tips for Getting Started with
Open Compliance
* Ixonos Joins Linux Foundation
* The People Who Support Linux: Jared Blouse
* Exclusive Linux Training Opportunities Scheduled for LinuxCon in
Vancouver, B.C.
* The Linux Foundation in the News

==> The Linux Foundation Announces LinuxCon Japan Keynotes, Tsunami
Relief Support for Japan <==

LinuxCon Japan takes place next week, June 1-3, 2011, in Yokohama Japan.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds tops the agenda with a keynote in which
he will share his thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Linux. The
program also includes a dedicated day titled, “Open Forum: Power of
Collaboration in Crisis,” which will facilitate collaboration among open
source project leaders working on technology to address crisis.

Other keynoters include:

* James Bottomley, Linux SCSI subsystem maintainer and Distinguished
Engineer at Novell, will discuss what Linux can learn from the Android
development model and the lessons that can be learned for other open
source projects.

* Mark Charlebois, Director of Open Source Strategy at Qualcomm
Innovation Center (QuIC), will discuss the role of Linux in mobile
development and innovation.

* Alan Clark, Senior Manager and Strategic Advisor for Strategic
Initiatives at Novell, will share plans for SUSE post-merger.

* Jon Corbet, Editor of Linux Weekly News and Linux kernel developer,
will share the latest happenings in the kernel community with the
Kernel Weather Report.

* Dirk Hohndel, the Chief Open Source and Linux Technologist at Intel,
will share his insights on the Yocto Project.

* David Rusling, Chief Technology Officer at Linaro, will discuss the
reasons for creating Linaro, what has been achieved, and what the
future holds.

The Linux Foundation is also facilitating a set of activities aimed at
supporting the relief efforts in and around the area impacted by the
recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. Revenue received
from new Linux Foundation individual membership dues through this
Tuesday May 31,
2011 will be donated to the relief effort. To join The Linux
Foundation, please visit: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/join.

In addition, The Linux Foundation is creating an exclusive T-shirt to
honor the Japanese people. It will be available in the Linux.com Store
(http://store.linux.com) soon, and all revenue received from sales of
this T-shirt during 2011 will be donated to the relief effort.

Funds from both programs will be donated to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Children of Japan:

For more information about LinuxCon Japan, please visit:

==> 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt, Video Contest Deadlines Approaching <==

The Linux Foundation invites you to be a part the 20th Anniversary of
Linux by submitting your original design for the T-shirt Design
Contest and your original video for the Video Contest. Both of these
annual competitions this year are dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of
Linux and the winners will receive high recognition as the creators of
these items.

The winning T-shirt design will be used as the official LinuxCon
attendee T-shirt and the official 20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt
available in the Linux.com Store. The 20th Anniversary of Linux video
winner will be chosen by Linux creator Linus Torvalds and will become
the featured video on all Linux Foundation web properties, helping to
celebrate this year's milestone.

T-shirt designs are due by end of day Monday, May 30, 2011. Submit
yours today: http://www.linux.com/tshirt-design-contest/submit

Video submissions are due July 2, 2011. Please submit here:

==> New Compliance Webinar Available: Six Tips for Getting Started with
Open Compliance <==

The Linux Foundation's Open Compliance provides a set of open source
tools, training curricula and a self-administered assessment checklist
that allows companies to ensure compliance in a cost-effective and
efficient manner.

The Linux Foundation is releasing a new resource for companies that
are just becoming aware that they need to address open compliance but
don't know where to start. A new webinar, released just this week, is
titled "Six Tips for Getting Started with Open Source Compliance.”  At
just over 15 minutes, this is a brief introduction for even those
people whose expertise lies outside of software development.

To watch the webinar, please visit:

==> Ixonos Joins Linux Foundation <==

The Linux Foundation welcomes new Silver member, Ixonos. Ixonos
creates solutions for wireless technology suppliers and
telecommunications companies. It has been actively involved in mobile
Linux development efforts since 2006 and
joins The Linux Foundation to maximize its investment in the operating

“Linux and open source software are dominant in mobile software
platforms and are being used by our customers around the globe for
customizing their devices and services,” said Antti Aumo, Vice
President, Global Solutions at Ixonos. “By joining The Linux
Foundation, we can increase our collaboration on the development of
Linux-based mobile platforms and advance efforts for our customers and

For more information about Ixonos, please visit: http://www.ixonos.com/en

==> The People Who Support Linux: Jared Blouse  <==

The Linux Foundation's individual members help to support the work of
Linux creator Linus Torvalds and other important activities that
advance Linux, while getting a variety of other fun and valuable
benefits. The Linux.com series, "The People Who Support Linux."
profiles these individuals and strives to collectively illustrate a
very important part of the Linux community. Our latest profile begins:

Jared Blouse likes to think of Linux as his “software playground.” And
he’s been having fun with the trusty OS for more than a decade. “I get
so much natural enjoyment from technology,” he says. “And
experimenting in Linux is my favorite way to play and learn.”

Like a wide-open soccer field, Linux offers the clean solution space
Jared needs to kick around new algorithms and computer science ideas.
“Right now, I’m working on ideas related to a security solution,” he
says, “and I’m using Linux to think through the specific details.”

To read the full profile, please visit:

==> Exclusive Linux Training Opportunities Scheduled for LinuxCon in
Vancouver, B.C. <==

The Linux Foundation will be hosting a variety of Linux training
courses at LinuxCon in Vancouver, B.C. August 15-19, 2011. Take
advantage of the technical sessions and networking opportunities at
LinuxCon while taking one or more of the following courses:

Embedded Linux Development
Linux Performance Tuning
Advanced Linux Performance Tuning
Overview of Open Source Compliance End-to-End Process
Open Source Compliance Programs: What You Must Know

To register for LinuxCon, pleas visit:

To review the course schedule online and sign up for Linux training
courses, please visit: http://training.linuxfoundation.org/

Stay up to date with The Linux Foundation's Linux Training Program by
following its Twitter feed at http://www.twitter.com/lf_training

==> The Linux Foundation in the News <==

Why Apple, Google, Microsoft Won't Streamline Video Chat

Linux Foundation Works on a Standard for Software Licenses
SD Times

Open Source Software Now a Norm in Business

What's Up with ARM
Linux.com (by Jon Corbet)

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds to Keynote LinuxCon Japan

Protecting the Foundations of Linux: Exclusive Interview with Jim Zemlin
Linux User & Developer (in honor of its 100th issue)

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