[Lf_desktop] OpenSUSE community

John Cherry cherrypits at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 11:19:10 PST 2007

One last push on the desktop survey from the OpenSUSE community.


Yes, the survey will be closing on Friday (actually Saturday morning, 
but that is a bonus day).  The numbers to this point are:

English: 14,650
Russian: 4,409
French: 1,721
Spanish: 1,100
Japanese: 956
Brazilian Portuguese: 642
German: 225
Chinese: 153

Total: 23,856

Let's get the analysis going on the list.  Steven VN has written an 
excellent preliminary analysis of some of the data from the survey, 
coupled with info from a recent Forester study.  He also talked about 
applications and device support.  While Steven talked about preferred 
distributions, we need to be really careful about drawing conclusions in 
this space because of survey biases.


We are going to need volunteers to go through the masses of free text 
data in the various languages.  Alexey (from the Russian Academy of 
Science) will be looking at the Russian responses.  Please respond if 
you can help with responses for the following languages:

   French: ??
   Spanish: ??
   Japanese: ??
   Brazilian Portuguese: ??
   German: ??
   Chinese: ??

This will be a great opportunity for you to gain that fame and glory 
that you seek in the open source community!  If you can assist with this 
analysis, it would be a huge help.

A couple of weeks ago, the Desktop Linux call focused around the 
analysis of each of the survey questions.  I was out of the country when 
this call happened, but if anyone took notes at that call, would you 
post those notes to the list?


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