[Lightning-dev] Better privacy with SNARKs

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Mon Nov 30 00:07:59 UTC 2015

On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 09:15:16PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
>   revealP( Q, R, sigA, sigB, sigC ) {
>     check_multisig_verify(2, P, R, 2, sigA, sigB); code_separtor();
>     check_multisig_verify(2, Q, R, 2, sigA, sigC); code_separtor();
>     check_multisig_verify(2, P, Q, 2, sigC, sigB);
>   }
> Translating from pseudocode into script is a little hard too.

I think:

  2 5 ROLL 5 ROLL 2 <P> 5 ROLL
  2 8 ROLL 6 PICK 2 5 PICK 11 ROLL
  2 5 PICK 11 PICK 2 10 PICK 5 PICK

might work (signing by providing sig_a, sig_b, sig_c, q_pub,
r_pub). That's 34B of operators and 31B for P, for the redeem script,
and 3*59B for signatures made using using N=g/2, 2*31B for Q and R,
and 5B to push them on the stack, for a total of 65B redeem script and
244B scriptsig. (There's no need to use N=g/2 in this scheme, but since
you're intending to reveal P/Q/R, there's no reason not to and it saves
a few bytes, so...)

That compares to: "SHA256 <H> EQUALVERIFY" giving a 35B redeem script,
and a 33B scriptsig; so the privacy gain would be at a cost of an extra
236B per HTLC per channel, when cleared on the blockchain.

At 40 satoshis per byte, the extra cost per HTLC is 9440 satoshi, which
is about 3c per HTLC by my count.

I think a minimal HTLC looks something like:

   IF SHA256 <revoke> EQUALVERIFY ELSE <reveal R> ENDIF <a_pub>
   <t> CLTV <d> CSV <b_pub>

for the payer's commitment, spendable with:

  <sigA> <revoke secret> 2
  <sigA> <htlc preimage> 1
  <sigB> 0

That's 19 opcodes, 2*33B pubkeys, 1*32B revoke hash, and however many bytes
to reveal R. So another 117B, plus another 67B for the signature and
branch code. To spend an HTLC, you also need the other bits for a txin,
which is 42 bytes:

  42+117+67+35     = 261B  (sha256, refunding HTLC)
  42+117+67+65     = 291B  (ecc, refunding HTLC)

  42+117+67+35+33  = 294B  (sha256, claiming HTLC)
  42+117+67+65+244 = 531B  (ecc, claiming HTLC)

So it's really only an overhead of ~80% when claiming, and ~11% when
refunding? So at $350/BTC, 40 satoshi per byte, that's 7.4c for an ECC
claim versus 4.1c for a SHA256 claim.

I think you'd want to account for that as "cost of closing a channel is
4c (or 7c) times the number of simultaneous incoming HTLCs I'll accept,
plus 4c times the number of simultaneous outgoing HTLCs I'll do".

(Trying to make sure every HTLC pays you at least 4c in fees isn't
workable if you want to support really small microtransactions, obviously)

That said, it still seems like you might be better off just forgetting
a 2c HTLC as far as the commitment tx goes, if it's going to cost you 4c
to collect it. Account for it while the channel's open, sure, and update
balances when it goes through, but actually committing to it looks like
it might be a net negative... (If you've got some subscription with a
miner such that you don't pay per byte for your transactions, that would
change things too, I guess)


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