[Lightning-dev] network topology and routing

Pierre pm+lists at acinq.fr
Tue Sep 22 08:31:28 UTC 2015

>         Sorry for the delay; Blockstream had a big meeting after the
> Montreal Scaling Bitcoin workshop, so I've been distracted.

No problem! I think you met Fabrice there, he told me the whole thing
was pretty interesting. I'll probably attend the Hong Kong event.

> I started exactly where you are!  I was forced to throw it away to try
> to make it as distributed-by-default as possible.  That all nodes are
> equal to by design, and we try to be clever with routing.

Well, if I had done my homework properly I would have stumbled upon
this discussion
before... I still think the path we are taking is very ambitious, but
what the hell! Let's do this!

> I think I have a method, too.  It won't scale infinitely, but might work
> for a few million nodes...

Looking forward to see that.



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