[Lightning-dev] c-lightning 0.4: Wright's Cryptographic Proof (https://git.io/v6Pzv)

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Fri Aug 19 02:03:13 UTC 2016

Hi all!

        This release can actually restart, and reconnect without
forgetting everything (sqlite3), and does simple routing.  It adds
"accept-payment" and "pay" JSON commands, but the channel setup is still
woefully primitive.

I am setting up a couple of public nodes on testnet now, will follow up
with detailed usage instructions.  The next version will have IRC-based
autodetect of nodes, though, so that will be a far nicer experience!


- Shachain saving for receiver: thanks sstone!
- Fix inter-node encryption as per latest BOLT#1: thanks CJP!
- add-route config option (or cmdline), and add-route json command.
- Support routing through of HTLCs (unencrypted "onion" for now)
- Drop support for uncompressed keys.
- Reconnect support, with retransmission as required.
- Database support, to save state at important points.
- Switch HTLCs to states, rather than keeping explicit queues.
- Misc changes to match latest BOLT specs.
- Many minor fixes and cleanups.

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