[Lightning-dev] Laundry list of inter-peer wire protocol changes

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Sun Feb 14 03:28:15 UTC 2016

CJP <cjp at ultimatestunts.nl> writes:
> Hi,
> I've had another look at C-Lightning protocol description[1], in the
> hope to make a sort of match between your message types and the message
> types in Amiko Pay. In the best case, there would be a near-perfect
> match; in the worst case, the entire sequence would be different
> (unlikely, since we try to accomplish similar things).
> The result was a bit unexpected: there was hardly any match at all, but
> this was not due to solving things in different ways, but because of
> implementing nearly opposite subsets of the functionality of Lightning.

Indeed!  I kind of like that we're approaching from opposite ends, it
means we can steal off each other.

> For me, this was a bit of an eye-opener, though I should have expected
> it, from what I know about C-Lightning. C-Lightning's protocol
> description will be a nice guide for developing a true Lightning style
> channel in Amiko Pay. Judging the development time and lines of code in
> C-lightning, I guess the part that is implemented in C-lightning has
> quite a bit of complexity, so I hope to build on Rusty's experience and
> expertise, to do things a bit faster in Amiko Pay.

Yes.  I'm right now reworking it to do the update pipelining, and it's
removed some of the complexity.  But it's not complete yet, so some
might come back :)

I'm off on paternity leave for a couple of weeks, but I've pushed my
unworking code to the multi-htlc branch, so you can see the changes in
the protocol as per my email to the list.



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