[Lightning-dev] Payment and Refund Stuck

Mats Jerratsch mats at blockchain.com
Mon Mar 21 12:34:37 UTC 2016

> I think the layout is a bit too nested (which makes sense coming from
> the Java implementor, I guess? :) and I think it'd be good to have a
> simple way to decide how to move ideas into/through the repo, without
> making it a place where there's any point trying to politicise proposals.
> (It's kind of telling that something's wrong when even matsjj hasn't
> been able to get his pull requests accepted :)

Hehe I was waiting for you guys to merge those, as I don’t consider this ‘my repository’ but rather the specification of the protocol eventually.
I do agree that the format isn’t perfect yet. I still like these nested packages, because it separates the different parts of the application (and I don’t see why plain numbers are any better than an actual structure? ;) ).
When I started the repository, my goal was to
(1) bring together all the different implementations
(2) agree on a common denominator.

We have to finish (1) first before we actually can concentrate on (2) though.

I suppose it makes sense to have the different parts of the application and have the different implementations side-by-side within that package. Then we can decide how we compose the ‘final’ specifications of that part.

While we still work on the very 1.0 specifications, isn’t it favourable to stick to named proposals, instead of throwing around with numbers? (even though I like the “BOLT” names…)


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