[Lightning-dev] High level fee mechanics

Alejandro Ranchal Pedrosa alejandro.ranchal_pedrosa at etu.upmc.fr
Wed Apr 11 08:01:02 UTC 2018

Hi ZmnSCPxj,

> No, channel balance of each peer on the channel is not revealed on 
> node gossip.
> Logically, invert the question: do you want to report how much you 
> spend/receive on each of your channels to the network? Do you want to 
> report how much you own on Lightning to be reported to everyone on 
> Lightning?
> Since the balance on each peer is effectively the amount of money each 
> peer owns on that channel, and each change to that balance represents 
> a send/receive on that channel, you will not want to report your 
> balance, and any changes in that balance, to the entire network.
> Logically you can then expect not to receive such updates from anybody 
> else, either.
> How do real-life implementations like c-lightning get your payment 
> routes then?  By brute-force trial-and-error

If payment routes are discovered by brute-force trial-and-error, and 
actually the sender can interrupt any payment by simply not revealing 
the secret, isn't it possible for any sender to simply start probing to 
discover the capacities in each path?

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