[Lightning-dev] Commitment delay asymmetry

Jim Posen jim.posen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 22:10:16 UTC 2018

> By extension, perhaps both sides should use the maximum delay either one
> asks for?

I'm not sure that is necessary. As long as both parties have to wait the
same amount of time regardless of whether they publish the commitment or
the other side does, that would resolve the issue.

> I don't think it's urgent, but please put it into the brainstorming part
> of the wiki so we don't lose track?[1]

I don't have access to add to the wiki. I'd write a section like:

# Symmetric CSV Delay

Change the script of the remote output of all commitment transactions to
require the full CSV delay. This acts as further incentive for both parties
to mutually close instead of waiting for the other side to unilaterally
close, and serves as punishment to misbehaving or unresponsive nodes that
force the other endpoint to go to chain.
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