[Lightning-dev] Proposal for Advertising Lightning nodes via DNS records.

Tyler H tyzbit at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 20:15:11 UTC 2018

I'm working on a proposal called Numerifides.  Full working document here:

- Committed directly to Bitcoin blockchain
- Seems to solve Zooko's triangle (Decentralized, secure and human
- Can use already existing SPV infrastructure for lookups (like DNS
- Doesn't have the squatting problems of Namecoin (squatting a name costs
you locked up Bitcoin funds)
- Consensus revocation of names (Someone squatting google.com but the
community knows that's a lie? It's possible to "unseat" that registration)
- If you registered a name no one cares about (oeJFwlkS) no one will care
to try to unseat your name, except to steal your funds you locked up (which
need to just be high enough so as to not be dust)
- Usable for any name->data association such as Lightning nodes, DNS,
Certificate Authorities, decentralized identities etc

Already I know some concerns are in the details of implementation like the
hash function used for the transaction puzzle, censorship resistance
(though the market effect does play itself well here) and privacy concerns
(though the committed data can be encrypted or hashed before being stored
as I do envision a "catchall" unadvertised datatype where anyone can commit
anything for any purpose such as for document existence or even committing
an encrypted key to some piece of data).  I also don't like the idea of
people committing IP addresses of their websites to the blockchain for all
time, but perhaps a 2nd-layer "nameserver"-like configuration can be found
for less permanent, more ephemeral data like DNS.

I'd love any feedback the list has to offer.

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> Op 10-04-18 om 20:34 schreef Tyler H:
> >
> > I will continue to approach the problem of securely advertising
> > human-understandable node names, and I hope someday soon I will have a
> > solution Lightning can use that retains the open, decentralized
> > properties of the technology and the underlying blockchains.
> >
> Two of my favorite approaches:
> * Namecoin-style: Register your name first-come-first-serve on a block
> chain.
>   -> Provides no protection against name squatting and attackers
> registering similarly-looking names.
> * Web of Trust: I tell you I believe this pubkey really corresponds to
> this name; someone else might tell you something else. DNS is
> essentially a special case of this, where the WoT has a centralized star
> shape. TLS is another case, where there is dozens of signing parties
> (CAs), and everyone typically gets their keys signed by only one of
> them, so anyone verifying keys has to trust all these CAs. More
> generally, a WoT can have any shape though.
>   -> Provides little to no protection against trusted parties lying to you.
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