[Lightning-dev] Funds locked in channel and MAX_HTLC

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Sun Dec 2 22:43:52 UTC 2018

Cezary Dziemian <cezary.dziemian at gmail.com> writes:
> Hello guys,
> I red BOLT. Do I understand correctly, that  max_accepted_htlcs means that
> for single channel there is possibility to have such amount of transactions
> pending at the same time?


  - if result would be offering more than the remote's
  `max_accepted_htlcs` HTLCs, in the remote commitment transaction:
    - MUST NOT add an HTLC.

Note there is also a maximum amount:

  - if the sum of total offered HTLCs would exceed the remote's
    - MUST NOT add an HTLC.


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