[Lightning-dev] Fulgurite: ideas for making a more flexible Lightning Network protocol

Trey Del Bonis j.delbonis.3 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 19:12:54 UTC 2018

Hello all,

I've been doing some thinking lately about some of the Lightning extension
proposals like splicing and have been trying and try to generalize it into
something that makes Lightning a lot more flexible and fault-tolerant overall.

So I wrote up a document describing what I call "Fulgurite", after the term for
fossilized lightning.

Link: https://tr3y.io/media/docs/fulgurite.pdf (also attached)
SHA1: d25371836a56630571182a65684df19027c3b9af

It makes tracking channel state into building on a graph with moving forward in
time, and merges the ideas of user balances and HTLCs into different types of
"channel partitions" which are also used for other things I talk about in the

Ideally, it can make splicing and subchannels simpler.  It also makes it pretty
trivial to do discreet log contracts in channels vs on-chain, which is good for

I've been working on a toy implementation of the things in Fulgurite here, this
isn't usable yet but there's the core parts: https://gitlab.com/delbonis/roz

- Trey Del Bonis

PS. If you were at the Chaincode Residency in October, you might know me as the
guy that did Conway's Place! (= Conway's Game of Life + satoshis.place)
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