[Lightning-dev] [META] Organization of 1.1 Spec Effort

Matt Corallo lf-lists at mattcorallo.com
Mon Dec 10 22:27:30 UTC 2018

Any update on this? It seems like the people who bothered to respond 
were pretty in favor of not using calls (and, at least based on the 
latest call doc, which is the only one I've seen, they seem to be only 
somewhat sparsely attended).

When are the regular calls right now, anyway? Probably should just hold 
an IRC meeting at the same time on #lightning-dev.


On 11/28/18 2:43 PM, Peter Todd wrote:
> On November 27, 2018 12:13:27 AM UTC, Matt Corallo <lf-lists at mattcorallo.com> wrote:
>> +100 for IRC meetings, though, really, I'd much much stronger prefer
>> substantive discussion happen on GitHub or the mailing list. Doing
>> finalization in a live meeting is really unfair to those who can't find
>> the time to attend regularly (or happen to miss the one where that
>> thing was discussed that they care about).
> Also keep in mind that textual communication poses less barriers for many people vs. audio/visual meetings. Not everyone wants their face to be seen or voice (literally) heard.

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