[Lightning-dev] 2018 Lightning Developer Summit: Invitation Applications

Rusty Russell rusty at blockstream.com
Mon Jul 16 22:02:26 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Those of us involved in the BOLT process for the last two years are
organizing another Summit, this time in Adelaide, Australia on November 8-9.
This meeting will set priorities and evaluate concrete proposals for the
1.1 version of the spec.

To keep things fair, in addition to a handful of representatives from the
lnd, c-lightning, and Eclair projects, we're asking anyone else who would
like to participate to apply here:


We're aiming for less than 20 participants, as our goal is to keep it small
and focus on moving the spec forward. Note that this is a highly technical
event focused solely on protocol design; there will be many other
opportunities for people looking to build applications or contribute to
Lightning-related projects.

The Lightning Summit Disorganization Committee:
  Elizabeth Stark, Pierre-Marie Padiou, Rusty Russell.

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