[Lightning-dev] Including a Protocol for splicing to BOLT

René Pickhardt r.pickhardt at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 25 10:10:26 UTC 2018

Hey everyone,

I found a mail from 6 month ago on this list ( c.f.:
in which it was stated that there was a plan to include a splicing protocol
as BOLT 1.1 (On a side node I wonder weather it would make more sense to
include splicing to BOLT 3?) I checked out the git repo and issues and
don't see that anyone is currently working on that topic and that it hasn't
been included yet. Am I correct?
If noone works on this at the moment and the spec is still needed I might
take the initiative on that one over the next weeks. If someone is working
on this I would kindly offer my support.

The background for my question: Last weekend I have been attending the 2nd
lightninghackday in Berlin and we had quite some intensive discussions
about the autopilot feature and splicing. (c.f. a summary can be found on
my blog:

They people from lightning labs told me that they are currently started
working on splicing but even though it seems technically straight forward
the protocols should also be formalized. Previously I planned working on
improving the intelligence of the autopilot feature of the lightning
network however on the weekend I got convinced that splicing should be much
higher priority and the process should be specified in the lightning rfc.

Also it would be nice if someone would be willing to help out improving the
quality of the spec that I would create since it will be my first time
adding work to such a formal rfc.

best Rene


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