[Lightning-dev] Wireshark plug-in for Lightning Network(BOLT) protocol

tock203 tomokio203 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 05:43:03 UTC 2018

We implemented the latter scheme. lightning-dissector already supports key
FYI, here's the key log file format lightning-dissector currently

Whenever key rotation happens(nonce==0), lightning node software write
16byteMAC & key of "first BOLT packet".
When you read .pcap starts with a message whose nonce is not 0, the
messages can not be decrypted until the next key rotation.

The current design is as described above. Because it is a provisional
specification, any opinion is welcome.

2018年11月6日(火) 16:08 Olaoluwa Osuntokun <laolu32 at gmail.com>:

> Hi tomokio,
> This is so dope! We've long discussed creating canned protocol transcripts
> for
> other implementations to assert their responses again, and I think this is
> a
> great first step towards that.
> > Our proposal:
> > Every implementation has compile option which enable output key
> information
> > file.
> So is this request to add an option which will write out the _plaintext_
> messages to disk, or an option that writes out the final derived read/write
> secrets to disk? For the latter path, it the tools that read these
> transcripts
> would need to be aware of key rotations, so they'd  be able to continue to
> decrypt the transact pt post rotation.
> -- Laolu
> On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 2:37 AM <tomokio203 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello lightning network developers.
>> Nayuta team is developing Wireshark plug-in for Lightning Network(BOLT)
>> protocol.
>> https://github.com/nayutaco/lightning-dissector
>> It’s alpha version, but it can decode some BOLT message.
>> Currently, this software works for Nayuta’s implementation(ptarmigan) and
>> Éclair.
>> When ptarmigan is compiled with some option, it write out key information
>> file. This Wireshark plug-in decode packet using that file.
>> When you use Éclair, this software parse log file.
>> Through our development experience, interoperability test is time
>> consuming task.
>> If people can see communication log of BOLT message on same format
>> (.pcap), it will be useful for interoperability test.
>> Our proposal:
>> Every implementation has compile option which enable output key
>> information file.
>> We are glad if this project is useful for lightning network eco-system.
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