[Lightning-dev] Summary of the Second Lightning Development Summit (2018 Adelaide)

Rusty Russell rusty at blockstream.com
Mon Nov 12 23:25:25 UTC 2018

Two years ago, a dozen Lightning implementers met in Milan to start the
Lightning Specification 1.0.  Last week the 18 most active spec
contributors gathered in Adelaide to kick off version 1.1.

After two days we emerged with 30 accepted changes for next version,
many very detailed and some requiring further on-list refinement.
Highlights include multi-path payments, dual-funded channels, splicing,
wumbo, hidden destinations, and many gossip improvements.

Please join in the continuing discussion: the work points have been
transferred to the Wiki:


Thanks to all those who attended and patiently contributed their
expertise to some extremely difficult questions; it was an honor to be
in the room with you all.

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