[Lightning-dev] Strawman BOLT11 static "offer" format using probes.

ZmnSCPxj ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com
Thu Nov 15 04:42:28 UTC 2018

Good morning Rusty,

No particular comment on static offer invoices, but instead various bikeshedding.

> The format of the final-hop lightning onion would contain:
> [whatever-marker-we-need?][128-bit-`p`-field][[type,len,data]+]

I think a separate BOLT for the type,len,data would be useful, and might also document various consistent designs of messages (such as var-length fields using a prefixed 16-bit length measuring number of items in the field).

BOLT #13: type,len,data standard

(I should probably move this to a new thread).

> I apologize that this wasn't fleshed out before the summit, but I
> overestimated the power of Scriptless Scripts so had mentally deferred
> this.

My understanding is that SS *is* as powerful as we thought, at least for some of the applications we were hoping to use it for.
However, implementing SS is hard without Schnorr, because script magic with `OP_CODESEPARATOR` is magic, and we essentially stalled out and said "maybe wait for Schnorr instead".


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