[Lightning-dev] type,len,value standard

Christian Decker decker.christian at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 20:12:53 UTC 2018

Conner Fromknecht <conner at lightning.engineering> writes:
>> For a sequence of `type,len,value`, the `type`s must be in ascending order
>> -- not explicitly accepted or rejected.  It would be easier to check
>> uniqueness > (the previous rule we accepted) here for a naive parser (keep
>> track of some "minimum allowed type" that initializes at zero, check current
>> type >= this, update to current type + 1) if `type`s are in ascending order.
> Yep ascending makes sense to me, for the reasons you stated.

Definitely a good idea, especially because it results in a canonical
serialization format, which is important to ensure signatures over
messages can be verified even when reserializing parsed messages.

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