[Lightning-dev] Base AMP

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Thu Nov 22 04:50:22 UTC 2018

Conner Fromknecht <conner at lightning.engineering> writes:
> Hi all,
>> But it's unnecessary for the recipient to know the total amount I meant
>> to pay; they just need to return the receipt once it exceeds the amount
>> they want.
> I think it’s true that the recipient doesn’t need to know necessarily, but
> sending the intended amount is more robust IMO, since it provides an order
> invariant hint for when the receiver can safely settle.
> If the sender does amount fuzzing (as CL does) or adds a tip, it’s possible
> for the final partial payment to be less than `amount_to_pay` -
> `invoice_amount`, causing the sender to settle prematurely. Otherwise, we
> might want to specify that no split should be less than the amount
> overpaid.
> Of course, if that amount never comes through yet the invoice is satisfied,
> the receiver can always choose to settle even if the remaining amount never
> arrives.

It's more code, and takes 8 more bytes out of the onion.  I've started
coding up option_simplfied_commitment and it's making me terrified of
adding any additional complexity :(

The more compelling argument is that partial-payment donations might
want this, but it's marginal, IMHO.  We should be aiming for static
invoices for the donate case.


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