[Lightning-dev] [PATCH] First draft of option_simplfied_commitment

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Mon Nov 26 03:12:30 UTC 2018

Matt Corallo <lf-lists at mattcorallo.com> writes:
> Hmm, are we willing to consider CLTV sufficient? In case you have two 
> HTLCs, one of medium-small value that has a low CLTV and one of high 
> value that has a higher CLTV, you could potentially use the soon-CLTV to 
> delay the commitment transaction somewhat further if you broadcast it 
> right as the sooner HTLC expires.

I think you haven't got the commitment tx onchain by the time the HTLC
expires, you're already in trouble.

But since there's no script length difference, it *is* simpler to
prepend `1 OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY OP_DROP` to the start of each script.


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