[Lightning-dev] BIP proposal for LN wallets to use http get for retrieving invoices

Ben Hannabuss ben at arc.wales
Tue Feb 12 16:56:59 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I was going to write a “general guideline” BIP for bitcoin Lightning
Network wallets to be able to perform a http GET request to retrieve an

I have experienced some development limitations in LN that could be fixed
by such a standard, such as, not having static QRs or being limited by the
large size of LN invoices. In the proposal the only data the wallets would
expect back is an LN invoice.

* QRs could be printed rather than being dependent on a refreshable
display, useful in cost minimizing micro transaction scenarios.

* QRs could be very small, as their size would be dependent on the URL

* Developers could export some complex functionality to their web server,
and may discover use cases that inform protocol development.

* There might be possible security benefits to having an airgap between the
merchant node and user.

The measure is somewhat temporary, as many of its enabling features will
likely be added natively into LN.

I have received interest from some wallet developers, and https//
twitter.com/georgevaccaro created a working example
https://youtu.be/TTpEpk5LJ4E?t=1254 using Eclair for a hack that came out
of the New York LN hackday.

Does it make sense penning the guideline as a BIP?

All the best,

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