[Lightning-dev] Payee pay fee

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Fri Feb 22 04:24:42 UTC 2019

Cezary Dziemian <cezary.dziemian at gmail.com> writes:
> Thanks for answer ZMNSCPxj,
> Sad to hear that you have anything non LN-related to do that has higher
> priority.
> What, can't this this be done in easier way? For example:

I've been thinking about this as 'the yalls problem'.  But it is has
similarities to recurring payments and bolt11 "offers", where you also
have to do an interaction to get the real invoice.

To recap: yalls currently asks you to produce a valid invoice which it
will then pay.  It covers fees (presumably up to some limit).  But it's
a manual and messy process.

At the summit, Takaya Imai proposed a standard mechanism for such a
"pull an invoice" request.  I now see his wisdom; sorry for the delay!

So we need a web way of asking a client to send an invoice or offer over
HTTPS.  Is this a new URI scheme?  How would this work?

Longer term, we need a format for bolt11 offers (lno1...?); kind of a
template for the real invoice(s) which you would fetch, and a new
message type so you can route these requests through the lightning
network.  This would give us an "automated payment" mechanism, too: you
would provide this once and yalls could do automatic payouts by
requesting a new invoice though LN itself.


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