[Lightning-dev] Trampoline routing improvements and updates

Bastien TEINTURIER bastien at acinq.fr
Mon Dec 28 16:16:43 UTC 2020

Good morning list,

Before we close this amazing year, I wanted to give you an update and reboot
excitement around trampoline routing for 2021.

Acinq has been running a trampoline node for more than a year to provide
and reliable payments for tens of thousands of Phoenix [1] users. We've
a lot and I just opened a new trampoline routing spec PR to reflect that

The TL;DR is:

* it's simpler than the previous proposal and more flexible
* it makes MPP more cost-efficient and reliable
* it works nicely with rendezvous or route blinding
* it's as private as normal payments (likely more private) if used properly
(details in the PR)

I strongly believe the current state of trampoline routing can provide great
benefits in terms of wallet UX and reliability, but we need more reviews for
the spec to converge before it can be broadly deployed without fear of
parts or breaking changes. Please have a look at the proposal without
preconceived ideas; you may be surprised by how simple and natural it feels.

I also want to stress that the code changes are very reasonable as it
a lot of components that are already part of every lightning implementation
doesn't introduce new assumptions.

As a matter of fact, an independent implementation has been completed by the
Electrum team and has been recently tested E2E on mainnet! Having a spec
agreement on feature bits, invoice hints format and onion error codes would
allow their wallet to fully interoperate with Phoenix and future trampoline
wallets, as well as unblock development of even more improvements.

Happy end of year to all and stay #reckless in 2021!


[1] https://phoenix.acinq.co/
[2] https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lightning-rfc/pull/829
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