[Lightning-dev] Lightning Pool: A Non-Custodial Channel Lease Marketplace

Olaoluwa Osuntokun laolu32 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:56:09 UTC 2020

Hi y'all,

We've recently released a new system which may be of interest to this list,
Lightning Pool [1]. Alongside a working client [2], we've also released a
white paper which goes deeper into the architecture of the system.

Pool builds on some earlier ideas that were tossed around the ML concerning
creating a market for dual-funding channels for the network (though the
itself pre-dates those posts). Rather than target dual-funded channels, we
focus on the current uni-directional channels, and allow users to buy+sell
we call a "channel lease" that packages up inbound (and also potentially
outbound via side-car channels!) liquidity paying out a premium for a fixed

Live testnet+mainnet markets were also released today, giving routing nodes
new stable revenue source, and allowing those that need inbound to bootstrap
their new Lightning Service a new automated way to do so.

This is just our first alpha release which contains some
in the system itself. We plan to continue to iterate on the system to
new things like streaming interest payments, and the version of side-car
channels (buy a channel for a 3rd party) described in the paper amongst many
other things.

[1]: https://lightning.engineering/posts/2020-11-02-pool-deep-dive/
[2]: https://github.com/lightninglabs/pool
[3]: https://lightning.engineering/lightning-pool-whitepaper.pdf
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