[Lightning-dev] Upgrade on reestablish.

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Fri May 7 03:22:33 UTC 2021

I wanted this for my simplified update commitment draft, so here it is.
Would be nice to upgrade those old channels to static remotekey and
anchors (yeah, it's still on my TODO) so we could top the old stuff out
of implementations and finally the spec!


Inline copy below!


### Upgrading Channels

Upgrading channels (e.g. enabling `option_static_remotekey` for a
channel where it was not negotiated originally) is possible at
reconnection time if both implementations support it.

Both peers indicate what upgrades are available, and if they both
offer an upgrade either peer wants, then the upgrade is performed
following any reestablish retransmissions and corresponding
commitments which bring the channel into a symmetrical state with no
updates outstanding.

Once both peers indicate things are quiescent by sending
`update_upgrade`, the channel features are considered upgraded and a
normal `commiment_signed` cycle occurs with the new upgrade in place.

In case of disconnection it's possible that one peer will consider the
channel upgraded and the other not.  For this reason (and potentially
better diagnostics in future) , they indicate what the current channel
features are on reconnect: the "more upgraded" one applies immediately
in this case.

Channel features are currently defined as:
  - `option_static_remotekey`
  - `option_anchor_outputs` (requires `option_static_remotekey`)

1. type: 40 (`update_upgrade`)
2. data:
   * [`channel_id`:`channel_id`]
   * [`...*byte`:`features`]

#### Requirements

A node sending `channel_reestablish`:
  - if it sets `channel_features`:
    - MUST set the channel features which currently apply to the channel.
  - if it sets `upgrades_available`
    - MUST set `channel_features`
    - MUST set it to a set of channel features not in `channel_features`.
  - if it sets `upgrades_wanted`:
    - MUST set it to a single channel feature NOT in `channel_features`, plus any required features which are also not in `channel_features`.
    - MUST NOT set any bits not in `upgrades_available`.

A node receiving `channel_reestablish`:
  - if `channel_features` has more bits set than the sent `channel_features`:
    - if the additional bits are not in the sent `upgrades_available`:
      - MUST fail the upgrade
    - otherwise:
      - MUST consider the received `channel_features` as the current features of the channel.
  - otherwise, if `channel_features` has fewer bits set than the sent `channel_features`:
    - if the missing bits are not in the sent `upgrades_available`:
      - MUST fail the upgrade
    - otherwise:
      - MUST consider the sent `channel_features` as the current features of the channel.
  - if either peer sets a bit in `upgrades_wanted` which is also in both peers' `upgrades_available`:
    - if `channel_features` modified by `upgrades_wanted` does not have required features:
	  - MUST fail the upgrade.
    - MUST send `update_upgrade` with the new `channel_features` after any retransmissions required by `channel_reestablish` and as soon as there are no outstanding updates on either commitment transaction.

A node receiving `update_upgrade`:
  - if the `features` is not the same as the one it sent (or will send):
    - MUST fail the upgrade

When a node has both sent and received `update_upgrade`:
  - MUST consider the channel features to be those sent in `update_upgrade`.
  - if it has a lower SEC1-encoded node_id than its peer:
    - MUST send `commitment_signed` (using the new channel features).

#### Rationale

It is generally simpler to have both sides synchronized when upgrades
occur: by indicating that an upgrade is desired and available, both
sides know to perform the upgrade as soon as this is the case.  In
practice most upgrades happen by restarting software which implies a
reconnect cycle anyway.

The modification of bits is actually quite tricky: a channel which has
`option_static_remotekey` needs only set `option_anchor_outputs` in
`upgrades_wanted`, but one with neither would set both.

A node which only offered `option_anchor_outputs` as an upgrade would
only set that in `upgrades_available`, to avoid indicating that an
upgrade only to `option_static_remotekey` was available.

There's weasel wording around how `channel_features` combines with
`upgrades_wanted` ("modified by") since future channel features may
turn off existing features they conflict with.  This will be defined
by them.

Finally, the `update_upgrade` features field is technically redundant,
but a useful sanity check and diagnostic that both sides are now
entering the same state.  It also allows us to continue to enforce the
rule that commitment_signed must include an update.

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