[Linux-kernel-mentees] Predictive Memory Reclamation

Bharath Vedartham linux.bhar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 06:08:35 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I am interested in working on the project of "Predictive Memory
Reclamation" whose mentor is "Khalid Aziz". I have been really
into memory management and filesystems recently. I believe this
project will be of great interest and value to me.

My experience:

I have taken a Operating system course in my uni and have a sound
understanding of the basics of process synchronization, memory
management and filesystems. 
I also have experience in kernel programming. I have written misc
character device drivers with debugfs and sysfs support, usb
hotplugging, system calls and a basic filesystem in the kernel. I also
have a few checkpatch.pl patches to the kernel.

My goal till the application deadline: 

I have already submitted checkpatch.pl patches(staging driver tree) and
got them accepted. I also had to revise some of these patches and have
experience in revising patches and receiving feedback on my patches. I
hope I can skip this part(codestyle patches) as part of the required contributions. I want to focus on sparse patches, reporting regressions in the stable release and analyzing syzbot crashes. 

I would like to know when I can start communicating the mentor for the
project to begin contributions to the specific project.

Thank you,
Bharath Vedartham 

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