[Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH] fs: nfs: dir.c: Fix sparse error

Paul E. McKenney paulmck at kernel.org
Thu Dec 12 04:14:06 UTC 2019

On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 01:18:42PM +0530, madhuparnabhowmik04 at gmail.com wrote:
> This build error is because the macro list_tail_rcu() is
> not yet present in the mainline kernel.
> This patch is dependent on the patch : https://lore.kernel.org/linux-kernel-mentees/CAF65HP2SC89k9HJZfcLgeOMRPBKRyasCMiLo2gZgBKycjHuU6A@mail.gmail.com/T/#t

If the NFS folks are OK with it, I would be happy to take it in -rcu,
where the list_tail_rcu() patch is currently located.

							Thanx, Paul

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