[Linux-kernel-mentees] git: Behaviour of the stable-rc repo

Amol Surati suratiamol at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 06:58:07 UTC 2019


Since yesterday, the stable-rc branch 'linux-5.1.y' has received new

There were 7 code-change-commits + 1 version-change-commit, which were
based on the released 5.1.16. Now, when the branch has been refreshed
(twice afaics) with new commits, those 8 previous commits have been assigned
new identities (still based on 5.1.16).

It seems that there are 3 copies of those 8 commits.
For e.g., the version-change-commit has these IDs -

925bedf91c6bb194cb6b23a553cb8469f3a2007f, and

with 2b5... being the most recent ID (and the HEAD iinm).

Could you help me understand how these copies are created, and why?

Also, why do we want to commit the version update, if more commits are
expected to arrive on top of it?


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