[Linux-kernel-mentees] [SYZBOT REPORT] - WARNING: refcount bug in kobject_get

Jiunn Chang c0d1n61at3 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 17:48:02 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 04:44:21PM +0800, Greg KH wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 03:15:33AM -0500, Jiunn Chang wrote:
> > At this point, I need more help to attempt a fix.  If you have any suggestions please
> > let me know.
> Sorry, I'm traveling all this week and have not had the chance to look
> at this yet.
> The driver core is "tricky" as you have found out.  I'll dig into this
> when I get the chance, but it might be a few days.
> Note, this call should not be the one that creates the "virtual" kobject
> parent, as that is almost always created before this (I would think.)
> Are you testing this on a laptop or in a virtual machine?  Before you
> run the test script, is /sys/devices/virtual/ present on your system or
> not?

  Hello Greg,

  Happy travels!  Thanks for all the help.  I am testing on a laptop and not a vm.
  I do have /sys/devices/virtual--I thought about that too.

  I will take a closer look at where virtual device is/should being created.



> thanks,
> greg k-h

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