[Linux-kernel-mentees] Patch guidelines and tips

Shuah Khan skhan at linuxfoundation.org
Thu Jun 27 00:38:31 UTC 2019


Thanks for your active participation in working towards the
required contributions. A few tips and guidelines to make
this experience productive for us all.

- Before you start working on a task, please check the archive
   first to see if a patch is already in progress. This avoids
   duplicated efforts.


- For documentation tasks, start small with picking one file for
   conversion first. You don't have to work on all the files in a
   directory in one step. Working on a single file helps you get
   over the learning curve and then you can take on larger set of
   files as needed.

   If in doubt, send email to maintainers - starting with me if you

These steps are all documented on the project page. Don't forget to
do the following when you send patches:

- Please copy mailing lists and maintainers/developers suggested by

- Please run scripts/checkpatch.pl before sending the patch.

- Compile and test - Documentation compile steps have been documented.

-- Shuah

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